Soulful Sessions Campaign

For all women who want to take a different look at themselves, who want to rediscover their beauty in all its uniqueness

beautiful powerful black and white images of women being their authentic selves during Tanis Saucier Photography's Soulful Sessions project located in Saint Sauveur, Quebec. www.tanissaucier/soulfulsessionsproject


The Beauty in Each of Us

Beauty goes far beyond the physical. It emanates from us, it illuminates us.

Yes, beauty is in each of us. In every age, every build, every mark of life.

I want to show you all of this.

I invite you to let your inner and outer beauty shine through, in its strength and fragility, in all its facets and particularities.

Because this is where your beauty lies.



I am in search of incredible women in their 40's, 50's, 60's 70's and beyond for an empowering, fun and nurturing magazine-style photoshoot experience.

And I would love for you to be one of them!



These sessions aim to empower women over the age of 40... to highlight an achievement, mark a milestone or to simply celebrate your badass self! All too often, we give of ourselves and rarely stop to think about what we want, who we are... I want to help women find that spark, to have fun, play dress-up and create inspiring images that focus on you!


In this campaign I will be using the art of Black and White* photography because it strips away the distraction of colour and amplifies the purity of the subject. Black and White images always draw me in... whispering words like flawless, profound, dramatic, graceful, timeless, emotive, pure... 

(*colour versions will be made available)


How Much Does it Cost?

This You-focused session is only $150+tax  

What is Included?

Each Soulful Session includes a wardrobe & styling consultation either in person at the studio or via Zoom, to craft the perfect photoshoot. We will discuss how you dream of being photographed and work together with your wardrobe ideas, your closet, my studio wardrobe and my lighting set-ups and backdrops to make it happen. 

The studio session will last about an hour and includes expert posing and direction, dancing, laughing and maybe some tears. A quick interview will take place before the session and a feedback form will be filled out afterwards.

Also included is your favourite session image in high resolution as a download with printing rights. If you love more, you are free to purchase additional images at your reveal appointment.

Is Hair and Makeup Provided?

These sessions are to capture your authentic self, however, you can be as glam or as natural as you like! While I don't include hair /makeup in the session fee, I can suggest a professional to get you all dolled-up or you can go with your preferred makeup/hair stylist. I want you to do you!

What Do I Wear?

You do you! Black leather jacket and ripped jeans? Wedding dress? Draped fabric? We will work together with your closet and my client wardrobe to style you as you wish. You will have access to my gowns, sheer fabrics and accessories. 

When Do We Do This?

These Soulful Sessions be scheduled for a weekday morning and will last about an hour or so.


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